1978 It is established Japan B&B Co., Ltd. for a purpose with selling it production of a hairdressing beauty connection product by ten companies.
In addition, I run side by side with the establishment and develop for winding training model wig by technology tie-up with KOSE-L'OREAL enterprise part Co., Ltd. and develop sale to intend for 110 KOSE-L'OREAL sole agents.
1979 With the aim of high product of value added, I introduce model wig production facility into a hair product factory of the China Shangdong Qingdao city more and start processing deal trade with China Shangdong industrial art object advance mouth Koji and measure cost down and start China and the import and export of a product of the beauty industry concerned.
1982 I introduce T.Q.C (total quality control) with the aim of production / management of a product of high quality.
I promote improvement rationalization of the gate, and a member of entire company shows the growth of large sales aiming at the making of product corresponding to needs of a customer and the service in solidarity all.
1986 I develop Fashion wig of high quality by the Republic of Korea (Daiwa Trading business firm) and fashion wig Production Engineering tie-up as a hair connection product and start direct sale of Fashion wig and consignment sale for KOSE-L'OREAL excellent participation salon 150 store.
1989 Aiming at the beauty total teaching materials sale, it is start in Regina Co., Ltd. and joint research and development with the establishment and for makeup exercise teaching materials "bio skin dool" of a facial section by the material which is near to skin than I do not resemble conventionally simultaneously.
1990 I increase the capital in 28000000 yen by capital on March 1 in order to introduce machinery into the Regina Akita factory which is a joint development point Co., Ltd. for a study of future mass production and production preparations of a new product with the end of fundamental researches development of "bio skin dool."
1992 I start sale of "bio skin dool" for cosmetics industry and whole country beauty school.
In addition, I reclaim a market of a new field by a development request of the various teaching materials from major cosmetics manufacturer on the basis of development of the product which kept the material of "bio skin dool" alive concerned and the material, and sales increase largely.
1994 I aim at a corporate strategy and internationalization to be newer with a company name to Beaulax Co., Ltd. from Japan B&B Co., Ltd. toward changing name, the 21st century than February 1 at the same time to execute an organization system of a company and complete reform of personnel affairs in order to promote substantiality of expansion and trade business of an existence product and plan development of a new product still more.
1997 We start sale of hair bulk for a hair color manufacturer.
1998 We increase the capital in 38,000,000 yen by capital in March.
1999 We start sale of mens model wig around a hairdressing study group.
2003 The Saitama branch is established front Saitama prefectural office.

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